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Weekend Festivals! Adams Morgan Day


Well you’d think we lived in the rainforest given the amount of rain we’ve had in DC this past week.  There’s definitely not a shortage of puddles for kids to splash in.  Unfortunately, we have some great cultural festivals coming up this weekend that could be rained out if it doesn’t clear up fast!  The famous Adam’s Morgan Day Festival is on Sunday, September 11th.  Straddling Adam’s Morgan and Columbia Heights the festival showcases cultural music, dance and food from Central and South America.  (Columbia Heights Day was rained out this year due to Hurricane Irene) The street fair has been a mainstay on the DC festival circuit since 1978 and if the rain lets up at all, I highly recommend it.  The festival tagline is “A Global Community of Cultures.  Celebrate together, not separately!”  See the Bolivian dancers, sample Latin American cuisine and look at art from around the world.   Sounds like exactly what our kids need after a rainy week.  The festival runs from noon – 7 pm (18th Street & Columbia Road) so get out and explore!

World Music


Putumayo has wonderful CD’s that introduce international sounds and rhythms into your childs’ musical library.  So turn up the tunes – play French Playground while you’re making crepes and playing “Madeline in Paris” or Latin Playground while making empanadas and playing spanish bingo.   Better yet, just make it part of your child’s daily routine so there’s no differentiation between our traditional “kids” music  in the U.S. and the wonderful rhythms and beats we hear around the world.  I’m always amazed at how my sons seem to dance a little more animated, a little more enthusiastically and even seem to have more fun when I’m playing one of these cd’s around our house.  There are lots of other great cd’s out there to introduce world music into your house.  Anyone have a favorite they’d like to share?