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Multi-Cultural Spider-man!


Around our house there are endless battles between Batman, Spider-man and Superman.  Their super powers come to life as my four-year-old leaps around the house and my six-year-old tries to tackle him.  I am amazed by their improvisation and creativity.  And as much as I love the fact that my boys recreate what I fondly remember doing at their same age, I’d love to see them incorporate some diversity into their super power status.   Welcome Multi-cultural Spider-man!  Miles Morales is the new superhero on the block.  He’s half-black, half-Hispanic and a teenager.  This is Marvel Comics effort to keep up with our changing society and I applaud them although this step probably should have been taken ages ago.   I plan to ensure that my kids read all about Miles and his masked capers.  It’ll help them see the world a little differently.   Does anyone have a favorite superhero outside our traditional American favorites?