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Cambodian Day Festival


On Sunday I’ll be taking my family to the Cambodian Day Festival in Alexandria, Virginia.  It’s our first time going to the festival so we’re excited about sampling Cambodian food, watching the dances and listening to music.  As you’ll see on my blog I absolutely love cultural festivals and find them to be a fun way to experience the sights, sounds and smells of a foreign country.  Of course not every outing is a success with my boys.  They are usually interested in the food and if there’s a sticky, sweet, sugary dessert they’ll go for it.  I can watch the dancing and music for hours – I’m transfixed by the costumes but unfortunately my kids are up for watching for about 15 minutes.   Most festivals offer a children’s area but I find they’re often tents with storytime, coloring areas and simple crafts.  These activity areas are great, but since most festivals are held in the summer months the tents are usually saunas and we tend to spend little time there.  Depending on the disposition of your child they’re an interactive way to experience the culture.  I’ll post again and let you know what worked for us and of course I’ll share any great recipes or books that we discover!

If you’re in the DC metro area and want more information about the festival go to www.cambodiancommunityday.org.