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Jose-Luis Orozco at Discovery Theater!


My kids and I love Discovery Theater (O.K., let’s be honest, I love Discovery Theater and they enjoy most of the shows)  If you’re in the D.C. area then please take advantage of their  rich cultural and educational shows.  We have never been disappointed by their events and always leave having learned something new and seen something unique.   And this Wednesday one of our favorite Spanish singers is performing.  Jose-Luis Orozco will sing songs for kids in both English and Spanish.  We’ve listened to his fun tunes for years.  The show is sponsored by the Smithsonian Latino Center.  If you have the chance, don’t miss it!

Learn the National Anthems!


In honor of the Rugby World Cup, New Zealand 2011 has created  a program called “Learn the Anthems”.   The site lists 20 countries competing in the games along with their flags, map, country information and a recording of their national anthem.   What a great idea to help kids learn about foreign countries and cultures.  Pick a team, learn their anthem and sing along with them.  You can even go a step further in making flags, banners and signs in the native language.  I’m sure after seeing the videos my boys will be most interested in painting their faces like the kids pictured here.  Thank you to Global Kids Oz for sharing another global idea with us.

National Lemonade Day — with a Twist!


Today is National Lemonade Day! So pour a huge cup, set up a stand and maybe even wear something yellow!   There are sure to be mini entrepreneurs everywhere.  If you set up your own stand you could also make your sign bi-lingual – add Limonada or Limonade or Citro.  You’ll be sure to get questions and it’ll be fun to explain to everyone different ways to say (or even make) Lemonade.  What a way to take a very American tradition and add a little multi-cultural twist