Years ago I traveled every chance I got….Northern Africa, Europe, South America, Asia.  I worked, studied and lived abroad and loved it.  Whether riding camels in Morocco, trekking in Thailand, sea kayaking off the coast of Chile or photographing Indonesia, I was happiest on my trips.  Now I don’t travel as much but I want to ensure that my  two young boys experience and understand the people and cultures of our world.  Living in Washington, D.C.,  we have many opportunities to attend festivals, visit museums and participate in rich cultural programming.  Sometimes my boys are excited to go to an African Drumming concert, make vietnamese spring rolls or watch a cultural parade….other times, they’d rather be at home playing legos.

I’m also always looking for ways to infuse our daily life with a little information about the world — how to say hello in a different language, information about a different country or just an interesting fact about a foreign culture.   I’ll share with you what upcoming events look fun for kids and what activities seem adventurous to try at home.   I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Your blog is terrific! I can’t wait to read more. Thanks for visiting my blog, KidCulture. We should definitely try to find ways to collaborate. I used to live in DC – it’s so great that you have all those great resources in your backyard. Best of luck!

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