Where Children Sleep


James Mollison took poignant photographs depicting children around the world and where they sleep.  I encourage you to share these photos with your children and talk about our differences as well as similarities–our rooms/environment and the things that reflect our spirit and our lives.   Even in the United States the differences in children’s lives are depicted, not only in their portraits, but in their rooms.   I’m transfixed by the images of the boys from Nepal and Kenya as well as the young geisha in-training in Japan.   If you’re up for it, take a portrait of your own child in their room and talk about what is similar in their lives and what is vastly different to those captured in this article.  It’s a way to make this global world of ours a little smaller and every child understands the concept of where someone sleeps.  For the full article click here.


About the cultured kid

I've traveled, lived, worked and studied all over the world. Europe, North Africa, Central & South America, the Middle East and Asia. The more different the culture, the better! I'm determined to introduce my two boys to our multi-cultural world. Living in Washington, D.C. there are international festivals, parades and cultures right in our own backyard. I'll share with you our adventures around town and those that take us on international journeys. I'll also share ideas for introducing your family to foreign food, culture and community at home.

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