Multi-Cultural Spider-man!


Around our house there are endless battles between Batman, Spider-man and Superman.  Their super powers come to life as my four-year-old leaps around the house and my six-year-old tries to tackle him.  I am amazed by their improvisation and creativity.  And as much as I love the fact that my boys recreate what I fondly remember doing at their same age, I’d love to see them incorporate some diversity into their super power status.   Welcome Multi-cultural Spider-man!  Miles Morales is the new superhero on the block.  He’s half-black, half-Hispanic and a teenager.  This is Marvel Comics effort to keep up with our changing society and I applaud them although this step probably should have been taken ages ago.   I plan to ensure that my kids read all about Miles and his masked capers.  It’ll help them see the world a little differently.   Does anyone have a favorite superhero outside our traditional American favorites?


About the cultured kid

I've traveled, lived, worked and studied all over the world. Europe, North Africa, Central & South America, the Middle East and Asia. The more different the culture, the better! I'm determined to introduce my two boys to our multi-cultural world. Living in Washington, D.C. there are international festivals, parades and cultures right in our own backyard. I'll share with you our adventures around town and those that take us on international journeys. I'll also share ideas for introducing your family to foreign food, culture and community at home.

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